To own your unique Latent Life cube follow the instructions:

1) Register for the whitelist by filling the form.
2) 33 individuals who register on first-cum-first -serve basis will be informed about their mint.
3) The selected individuals will have 24 hours to mint their NFT.
4) To mint, connect your Metamask Wallet that you used during the whitelist to register. If you haven't submitted a wallet address, you will need to create a Metamask wallet to mint your NFT.
5) Once minted, you can burn your NFT to redeem your physical cube. You will have a window of 1 year to do the same.
6) On redeeming the cube successfully, that NFT will be you will receive a physical cube shipped to your address.


a) The NFT can be minted for 0.45 ETH and redeemed for 0.3 ETH
b) Artist will receive 5% royalties on secondary

About the artist

Amanda Valle is a multidisciplinary artist born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Living an ordinary and settled life, Amanda decided to fill her time by drawing the worlds and colours living in her mind with the views from the window becoming her first muses for her self-expression.

Soon, Amanda left the island and moved to the USA which eventually led her to participate in several events, such as Art Basel Miami 2017, Salone del Mobile Milan 2018 (Nilufar Gallery). Her latest work, the short film “Back in the Island” has been selected in over 15 festivals winning Best Generation Award, Best Cinematography and Best Dominican Documentary. She is also represented by Molin Corvo Gallery in Paris, France.

Today, she lives and works between the Dominican Republic and New York dedicating her time to painting and art experimentation.


Project Backstory

Amanda Valle, in her earlier days, was working part-time filing and organizing documents.
For weeks she sat next to a paper shredder robotically destroying sheets of confidential information while she restlessly engaged with the machine. To her despair, the machine would often get stuck every half-hour, due to the excess of sheets that she wanted to destroy at the same time. Amidst monotonous work, a divorce and other scourges, life was growing on her just like the pile of papers at work. And that’s where her inspiration of Latent Life seeded. Amanda believed in the latitude of life—of its misfortunes and happiness, of the emotions that certain other people’s stories provoke in us all leading to falling in love, giving everything to it and embracing life.

Latent Life Project

Latent Life is a pile of taxes, routine check-ups, inconsistencies, excel sheets, new hires, confidential guest lists, and failed plans for a fourth marriage, shredded, stacked, and enclosed in different cubes to share the most beautiful stories of emotions.

The 33 digital crystal cubes align as the body and the papers inside are the soul to various phases of Amanda’s life. The stack of papers within shares 10 years of provoking reflection on time and what has been achieved. The rotation of the cube represents life on its own. The ups and downs; polarized. It is a visualization of life cycles and that hope that everything changes for the better.

Each digital cube is a representation as an NFT which can be brought to life by redeeming it.


asked questions

How to buy Latent Life?
You can register on the website, and it will be conveyed if you are selected for the mint.
How much does the NFT of the cube cost?
Each NFT cube costs 0.4 ETH + gas fees. To redeem the physical cube, you will have to claim in the portal and pay 0.3 ETH plus gas fees (Information will be announced soon).
How many can I mint?
Based on the number of registrations we receive, this will be finalised and communicated before the minting begins.
When can I mint?
You can register for the NFT minting by filling the form, starting from 1st December 2021.
How many NFT cubes will be created?
There will only be 33 cubes to mint.
How to redeem my physical cube?
Stay tuned for a video on how to redeem your cube.