Latent Life NFT minting

A latent life NFT gives the holder exclusive access to the installation of the art in any given location. This access is granted for a year time after the minting event, when the pieces of art will be exposed in a place of choice by the creators.

NFT Price: 0.45 ETH excluding GAS fees

Claim Price: 0.3 ETH excluding GAS fees


asked questions

How to buy Latent Life?
You can register on the website, and it will be conveyed if you are selected for the mint.
How much does the NFT of the cube cost?
Each NFT cube costs 0.45 ETH + gas fees. To redeem the physical cube, you will need to claim your NFT by paying another 0.3 ETH plus gas fees (Information will be announced soon).
How many can I mint?
Based on the number of registrations we receive, this will be finalised and communicated before the minting begins.
When can I mint?
You can register for the NFT minting by filling the form, starting from 1st December 2021.
How many NFT cubes will be created?
There will only be 33 cubes to mint.
How to redeem my physical cube?
Stay tuned for a video on how to redeem your cube.